Quest Day – Your Chance to Win 5€ Store Credits

As the 1st Advent dawns on December 3rd, get ready for an exceptional experience – Quest Day! This isn’t your regular language lesson; it’s a one-time quest with real cash rewards. Open Door Number Three and dive into a unique challenge, offering you the chance to claim 5€ Store Credits.

Time for a Quiz?

On December 3rd, Quest Day, seize the unique opportunity to participate in our exclusive quiz and win €5 store credits. This special challenge is available only on this day, providing a distinctive chance to test your language skills and be rewarded simultaneously.

Eligibility requires you to open the Advent door on December 3rd, successfully answer the quiz question, securing your store credits. Participation is limited to one attempt per person on this particular day, and the earned store credits can be used for the purchase of mentoring sessions or other exciting content.

Let’s go!
Get ready for this thrilling Quest Day, enhancing not only your knowledge but also your chances of winning!